Museum of butterflies
A 15 minutes walk from the hotel, you will see the castle which houses the only museum of its kind in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. A magnificent collection of 4000 species in the extraordinary colors and shapes.
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Archaeological Museum
A discovery of the remains of prehistory, the proto, the Gallo-Roman era and the Middle Ages, found during excavations carried out in our city.
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Bell's Museum

In Sevrier, the Paccard Foundry opens its doors to discover, through objects, films, photos and documents while campanaire art and history.
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L'Ecomusée du costume Savoyard
The museum, located in Sevrier, offers an unusual journey through time to discover the history and customs of Savoie, revealed by a rich collection of costumes and traditional objects of the ninth century.
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Tamié Abbey (alt. 900m)
It is here in this Cistercian abbey founded in 1132, the monks make their famous cheese. The reception centre and the church are open to all, access to the abbey itself remaining reserved for reprocessors.

Le Fort de Tamié
In addition to visiting this military work dating of the nineteenth century, you will discover a magnificent view on Albertville, Tamié valley, Combes valley of the Savoy and the surrounding mass of Mont Blanc, the Bauges. And a botanical trail, an orientation table, and an arboretum are at your disposal and many facilities for your family picnic

Menthon-Saint-Bernard Castle
Medieval fortress transformed the son of a rich centuries mansion belonging to the family of Menthon since the eleventh century and whose descendants still occupy the places! This castle offers visitors a wealth rooms and a stunning conservation. Animations Costume all weekends and holidays.
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The House of Olympics
A reviviez Event Albertville Winter Sports 1992, through a journey of discovery to understand the Olympic spirit, its symbols and values as well as the development of the mountain and the different costumes of the opening ceremonies and closure.

Guided tours of Conflans
Let yourself talking medieval city of Conflans, 2 minutes Albertville, with guides speakers: they will make you discover the secret charm of old streets and alleys traditional as well as the history of its venerable monuments. Inquiries

Old city of Annecy
It is a journey of nearly 1000 years outlook. You walk in the alleys, pass under the arcades to explore the various monuments (Castle, old prisons…). You can, to get documents, or go on tour with the Tourist Office of Annecy.