Avec Les Volatiles club champion de France de parapente, apprenez à voler ou perfectionnez vous sur un des plus beaux sites d'Europe.
Le Col de La Forclaz offre une vue saisissante sur le magnifique lac d'Annecy et les montagnes environnantes tout en permettant de pratiquer le parapente dans les meilleures conditions.

Parapente (vol biplace) à 15 mn de l'hôtel
à partir de 80 € / pers

Stages débutants
3 jours  à partir de 350 € / pers
5 jours  à partir de 450 € / pers
6 jours à partir de 500 € / pers

Stages perfectionnement
1 jour à partir de 140 € / pers
3 jours à partir de 380€ / pers
5 jours à partir de 480€ / pers
6 jours à partir de 530€ / pers

Aile Delta (vol biplace) à 15 mn de l'hôtel sur demande
ULM (vol biplace ) à 2 mn de l'hôtel sur demande

Rafting sur la Haute Isère à 55 mn
découverte 10 km - 1h15 ( à partir de 10 ans) 30 € / pers
intégrale 20 km - 2h15 (à partir de 13 ans) 45 €/pers

Rafting sur le Doron de Bozel (rivière la plus rapide de Savoie et Haute Savoie)
8 km - 1h15 ( à partir de 14 ans) 45 €/pers - 6 personnes minimum

Rafting journée sur la Haute Isère et Doron Bozel 78 €/pers
5 personnes minimum (à partir de 14 ans)
Journée rafting sur la Dora-Baltée (Italie) 25 km - 3h30 de navigation 78€/pers 
5 personnes minimum (à partir de 14 ans)

Nage en eaux vives sur la Haute Isère à 55mn de l'hôtel
Bourg - Gothard 10 km - 1h30 (à partir de 12 ans ) 45 € /pers
Gothard -Aime 3 km - 0h30 (à partir de 15 ans ) +5 €
Randonnée + canyoning 2 heures
à partir de 75 € /pers - 4 personnes minimum

Canyoning initiation 2 heures
à partir de 40 € /pers

Grand canyon 3 heures
à partir de 54 € /pers

Intégrale  Angon 1/2 journée
à partir de 70 € /pers

Journée canyoning

à partir de 75 € /pers 4 personnes minimum
STAGES VOILE du lundi au vendredi

Optmist (de 10h à 12h30) 99 € / pers
Dériveur enfant sur Laser (de 10h à 12h30) 104 € /pers
Dériveur adulte sur Buzz ou Equipe (de 10h à 12h30) 109 € /pers
Catamaran New Cat 15 ou Hobie Cat (de 13h30 à 16h) 109 € / pers
Planche à voile (de 16h à 18h30)
104 € /pers

Escalade de glace
à 20 mn de l'hôtel : sur demande

Escalade 1/2 journée
à partir de 120 € / pers - 8 personnes minimum

La randonnée vertige
à partir de 43 € / pers

Parcours d'orientation
avec guide de haute montagne
à 20 mn de l'hôtel : sur demande
Location de vélos (VTC)
à 2 mn de l'hôtel 8 € la 1/2 journée

Tennis à 5 mn de l'hôtel
8 € / heure

Mini golf à 5 mn de l'hôtel
3 €  / partie

Aviron /Canoe Kayak à 5mn de l'hôtel
9 € / heure

Dériveur à 5 mn de l'hôtel
à partir de 17 € / heure

Planche à voile
à partir de  12 € / heure

Golf à 2 mn de l'hôtel
à partir de 37 € / pers (18 trous)

La Tournette
(2 351 m)
Aimed at very good walkers do not fear of heights, this hike from a small hamlet, not far from Montmin, offers one of the most beautiful sight on Lake Annecy.
Some air passages, for which you help handrails and ladders iron litter the trail, you will lead to "chair" (top of the Tournette), where you have an unobstructed view of Lake, Dents de Lanfon and the massive Bauges.
For the less adventurous, after the steep slopes that are rising, stop the refuge of the Tournette, and detail the panorama through the orientation table.
If you're lucky you can admire some ibex and chamois.
Possibility of restoration of the cottage Aulp, and the sale of cheese (Reblochon, Tomme)

Le Crêt de Chambellon

Near the hotel, this excursion sous-bois, possibly family, offers a nice view over the valley Faverges, as well as the surrounding mountains. Sitting on benches made available to you at the top, you can admire the Dent de Cons, the Belle Etoile, the Col de Tamié, Sambuy, Aulp of Seythenex, but also the Arclosan Rocks and Mount Charvin.

Chalet of Aulp - Seythenex
Leaving the terminal station of the Sambuy, 20 minutes from the hotel, this hike for good walkers, as any uphill, through the woods and then pastures. The arrival of the Chalets Aulp offers an overview on the tip of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains

La réserve naturelle du Bout du lac

A Doussard, the family ride in part on timbers raised on stilts, offers a loop at the heart of the marshes. The Tour de Beauviviers, dating back to the XIII century, offers a beautiful view of Lake Annecy, and is an excellent observation post on birds, carry you a pair of binoculars. At the beginning of the trail in the woods, you will discover an iron cross belonging and indicating the location of the ancient church of Doussard. You can also contemplate the work of beavers on trees, or their "slides" to enter the river, L'Eau Morte
Plateau de Beauregard
Located Manigod after the Col de la Croix Fry exactly, 30-45 minutes of the hotel, this trip without much difficulty, and the corner ideal for a stroll with the family.
The cottages, and typical on-site restaurants to sample local specialties or simply a mirror. Everything is there to feel intimate contact with nature and take a breath of fresh air .. pure .. of course! Possibility of buying on the spot Reblochon, Tomme Persillée and fresh milk.

Plateau des Glières

Top place of resistance, the plateau Glières, 40 minutes? the hotel offers a walk in the footsteps of these men who had chosen to "Live free or die".
Route discovery Plateau showing the organization and lifestyle of Maquisards. Course suitable for all of about 2 hours. More information to the House of the Plateau 04 50 22 45 63 and Chalet des Rescapés located at the start of the path leading to the Monument of Glières Giliolo

La Roselière de Saint Jorioz
Park to the beach Duingt and learn along the lake and through information panels, the wealth of wildlife and aquatic flora inhabiting the lake the purest in Europe. Family walk without any difficulty

Le Semnoz
A 40 minutes from the hotel, located in the massive Bauges, you can visit the zoo (deer, sheep, deer, mountain goats…) and continue until the station for various activities such as summer luge, Devalkarts, rollerbe… An outing for the whole family


Grottes et cascade de Seythenex
Towards the Col de Tamié, 10 minutes drive from the hotel, this cascade high of 30 metres, is accessible through a path laid out walkways and bridges. The visit is accompanied by a guide, in a journey underground within the cave. Freshness guaranteed!
Inquiries 04 50 44 55 97

Station de la Sambuy (2 198 m)
The chairlift open from 10am to 17h, you can access, without effort, to 1850 m and offers beautiful walks (free) a mountain guide to get to the Pointe de la Sambuy to 2198 m. Other proposed activities on the site: mountain biking circuit, trampoline, botanical trail, lugé summer.
Inquiries 04 50 44 62 50 or

Col de la Forclaz
A 20-minute Hotel, a car, learn a magnificent panorama of Lake Annecy and areas off of paragliders and hang (the possibility of baptisms, see "our partners"). The descent towards Annecy, offers a splendid view over the Bay of Talloires and the State Hermitage Saint Germain, local pilgrimage site.

Forest adventure - Talloires
For the whole family from 5 years, several pathways are proposed in order to discover the forest otherwise. Thrills guaranteed! Booking 06 07 56 90 58 or

Around the lake by boat
Take a tour of the lake differently during 1 hour sail on the calm waters of the lake the purest in Europe. Initially Annecy, enjoyed the tour of the "big lake" to find out from a new angle. La Compagnie des Bateaux also offers a tour bus for your travels along the water, villages in villages, starting Doussard. Inquiries 04 50 51 08 40 or

Gorges du Fier

A 10 km from Annecy, an exceptional site where nature has signed one of its greatest natural wonders of the Alps. For several thousand years, Fier has dug a spectacular canyon and narrow. You will discover Strolling through the gateways suspended side of rock 25 metres above the water… Inquiries 04 50 46 23 07 or
Museum of butterflies
A 15 minutes walk from the hotel, you will see the castle which houses the only museum of its kind in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. A magnificent collection of 4000 species in the extraordinary colors and shapes.
Inquiries 04 50 44 40 18 or

Archaeological Museum
A discovery of the remains of prehistory, the proto, the Gallo-Roman era and the Middle Ages, found during excavations carried out in our city.
Inquiries 04 50 32 45 99 or

Bell's Museum

In Sevrier, the Paccard Foundry opens its doors to discover, through objects, films, photos and documents while campanaire art and history.
Information 04 50 52 47 11 or

L'Ecomusée du costume Savoyard
The museum, located in Sevrier, offers an unusual journey through time to discover the history and customs of Savoie, revealed by a rich collection of costumes and traditional objects of the ninth century.
Inquiries 04 50 52 41 05
Tamié Abbey (alt. 900m)
It is here in this Cistercian abbey founded in 1132, the monks make their famous cheese. The reception centre and the church are open to all, access to the abbey itself remaining reserved for reprocessors.

Le Fort de Tamié
In addition to visiting this military work dating of the nineteenth century, you will discover a magnificent view on Albertville, Tamié valley, Combes valley of the Savoy and the surrounding mass of Mont Blanc, the Bauges. And a botanical trail, an orientation table, and an arboretum are at your disposal and many facilities for your family picnic

Menthon-Saint-Bernard Castle
Medieval fortress transformed the son of a rich centuries mansion belonging to the family of Menthon since the eleventh century and whose descendants still occupy the places! This castle offers visitors a wealth rooms and a stunning conservation. Animations Costume all weekends and holidays.
Inquiries www.châ

The House of Olympics
A reviviez Event Albertville Winter Sports 1992, through a journey of discovery to understand the Olympic spirit, its symbols and values as well as the development of the mountain and the different costumes of the opening ceremonies and closure.

Guided tours of Conflans
Let yourself talking medieval city of Conflans, 2 minutes Albertville, with guides speakers: they will make you discover the secret charm of old streets and alleys traditional as well as the history of its venerable monuments. Inquiries

Old city of Annecy
It is a journey of nearly 1000 years outlook. You walk in the alleys, pass under the arcades to explore the various monuments (Castle, old prisons…). You can, to get documents, or go on tour with the Tourist Office of Annecy.
No minimum stay
You can change resort ski every day
  Preferential rate for rent equipment at our partner
Twinner in Faverges
Advice of drying for your ski boots
  Ski room
 20 mns away from the hotel (12 km ski slopes - 5 ski-lifts)
 55 mns away from the hotel (50 km ski slopes - 15 ski-lifts)
 30 mns away from the hotel (132 km ski slopes - 46 ski-lifts)

alt Full day 1 adult : 26 €
     instead of : 31,50 € (public rate)
 55 mn away from the hotel (120 km ski slopes - 40 ski-lifts)
30 mns away from the hotel (45 km ski slopes -17 ski-lifts)
(Crest-Voland / Flumet / Notre Dame de Bellecombe / Praz sur Arly)

alt Full day 1 adult : 19 €
     instead of : 27,10 € (public rate)

 40 mns away from the hotel (90 km ski slopes - 30 ski-lifts)
 30 mns away from the hotel (185 km ski slopes - 58 ski-lifts)
(Espace Val d'Arly + Les Saisies)

alt Full day 1 adult : 27,20 €
     instead of : 33,90 € (public rate)

 30 mns away from the hotel (140 km ski slopes)
Special rate for the nordic skiing

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(à 2 mn de l'hôtel)

Une vue splendide sur le lac d'Annecy et le Mont Blanc (niveau carte verte)


Le Belvédère parcours de 18 trous, 5820m, Par 72

Dessiné par Didier Fruchet ce parcours présente 2 niveaux de jeu.
Sa partie haute, offre une vue magnifique sur le lac d'Annecy et le Mont Blanc.
En plaine les fairways traversent des bois de frênes, chênes et peupliers et enjambent la rivière de l'eau morte.

De magnifiques pièces d'eau agrémentent le jeu.

  47 € au lieu de 52 € (tarif public) Basse saison
  60 €  au lieu de 67 € (tarif public) Haute saison
(juin, juillet et août)

Les Castors
parcours de 9 trous
, 2215 m, Par 33

Les Castors espace progression, plus spécialement destiné aux débutants est dessiné dans la plaine.
Parsemé d'obstacles d'eau, ce parcours permet de travailler la stratégie du jeu.

  25 € au lieu de 27 € (tarif public) Basse saison
  30 €  au lieu de 33 € (tarif public) Haute saison (juin, juillet et août)

LE GOLF DU LAC D'ANNECY(à 10 mn de l'hôtel)

(niveau carte verte + licence obligatoire)

Le golf du Lac d'Annecy vous accueille entre le Lac d'Annecy (le plus pur d'Europe) et Montagnes (Dents de Lanfon et Tournette 2351 mètres)
Il vous offre des vues superbes dont les couleurs, changeantes au fil des saisons, ne cesseront de vous surprendre.


    Parcours de 18 trous, 5076 m, Par 69

Le parcours du golf du Lac d'Annecy se développe sur le site du Roc de Chère, zone verte protégée et réserve naturelle.
Adresse et finesse d'exécution vous permettront de prendre la mesure de ce parcours vallonné et boisé.

  39 € au lieu de 50 € (tarif public) Basse saison et en semaine
  49 €  au lieu de 64 € (tarif public) Haute saison (juin, juillet et août) / week-end / jours fériés